Cafec Tsubame Drip Pot Pro

Cafec Tsubame Drip Pot Pro

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TSUBAME PRO / TSUBAME WOOD- Stainless Coffee Pot

  • Thinnest spout diameter 6.0mm

    The 6.0mm, it is the surprising thinness of spout diameter.
    Not just drop-pouring, you can pour water to your target point easily.

  • IH enabled pot

    The pot can be heated both on an open flame and on an IH heater.

  • Stainless body

    The Tsubame Pro is hand-made one by one in Tsubame city, Niigata where is famous as high-quality stainless manufacturing. Its stainless body is highly resistant to corrosion.
    A thermometer can be put in from the hole on the lid.

About Tsubame-city

Tsubame-city is famous as a city of manufacturing in Japan. Its metal processing was started in the beginning of Edo-period and its high-quality craftmanship has been inherited for long time. The hardware produced in Tsubame city has got a high reputation all over the world.